Mineral Facial Santa Barbara

740 State Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Mineral Facial

Mineral Facials

Each spa treatment includes one of our signature aromatherapy scents. Your choice of lavender, eucalyptus or citrus

The Mineral Facial           60 minute $140

This soothing, and hydrating facial re-balances your PH, firms your skin, and removes impurities. We utilize our signature Green Tea Himalayan Salt Mask, as well as DNA, a medical grade, organic skincare line.

Glyco-Ionic Gel Peel       45 min: $155

Organic DNA products combined with a glycolic peel. This facial exfoliates skin and evens out skin tone and minimizes wrinkles. Creating a youthful glowing complexion.

Halotherapy Treatments

Adults: 1 Session .......$25
Seniors : 1 Session ...... $22

All spa treatments include a Halo Session ~30 -minute session in our Himalayan Salt Cave.

The Salt is anti bacterial and inflamator.

HIMALAYAN SALT INFUSED MASSAGE BODY LOTION I use this lotion all year long and my hands have yet to crack and bleed. I am a childcare provider that washes my hands many times a day and washes dishes in extremely hot water a few times a day as well. This is the only lotion I have used that keeps my hands soft and from cracking. Absolutely love it! Thank You!!
Corie K.

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