Meditation and Breathing

740 State Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Meditation and Breathing

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What is NourishBreath?

NourishBreath is the breath of life; it is the way back into the deepest part of the self. It re-creates one’s essence; it is a bright and primordial step to re-capturing the calm safety of self-love, reassurance and peace. The breath is our sixth sense; it is the motor of the chakras, the motor of energy and of clarity. It gives us back the ability to heal and to remain healthy. Breath is the predominant element which improves our mood, the way we absorb food, and the quality of our sleep. This class offers a method of increasing awareness of the breath by listening to it and by focusing it. With this knowledge we incorporate past and present.

“In your breath – there is your peace.”

60 min: $25
75 min: $35